RISE UP NYC is a vibrant and dynamic summer concert series that brings the heart and soul of music to the streets of New York City. Launched to unite and uplift the diverse communities across the five boroughs, this annual event features a series of free outdoor concerts showcasing world-class talent and a wide range of music genres.

Mission and Vision

Mission: RISE UP NYC aims to create an inclusive and joyous environment where New Yorkers from all walks of life can come together to celebrate music, culture, and community. By offering free access to high-quality concerts, the series seeks to foster unity and provide enriching cultural experiences for all.

Vision: To establish RISE UP NYC as a cornerstone of the city’s cultural calendar, celebrating the rich musical heritage and diverse talent that defines New York City. The series aspires to be a beacon of hope, resilience, and creativity, reflecting the spirit of the city.

Key Features

  1. Diverse Line-Up: RISE UP NYC prides itself on featuring a diverse array of artists and music genres, from R&B and hip-hop to jazz, Latin, and classical. Past performers have included critically acclaimed artists like Chrisette Michele, Maxi Priest, Mary Mary, Ja Rule, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, and Wyclef Jean.
  2. Iconic Venues: Concerts are held in some of New York City’s most iconic and accessible outdoor venues, such as the Coney Island Amphitheater, Von King Park, and Central Park SummerStage. These locations not only provide stunning backdrops but also ensure that events are easily accessible to residents from all boroughs.
  3. Community Engagement: Beyond the music, RISE UP NYC is committed to engaging local communities through various activities and initiatives. The series encourages local participation, from community organizations to small businesses, creating a festival-like atmosphere that celebrates the unique character of each neighborhood.
  4. Partnerships: RISE UP NYC collaborates with notable partners, including the City Parks Foundation, to enhance the concert experience and reach a broader audience. These partnerships help integrate additional free outdoor events, expanding the series’ impact and creating a more comprehensive cultural offering.
  5. Safety and Accessibility: Ensuring the safety and accessibility of all attendees is a top priority. The series is designed to provide a secure environment where families and individuals can enjoy concerts without concern. Efforts are made to accommodate people with disabilities and those from underserved communities.

Impact and Legacy

Since its inception, RISE UP NYC has grown in popularity and influence, becoming a cherished part of the city’s summer traditions. The series has successfully brought people together, celebrated the city’s cultural diversity, and provided free entertainment during times when financial constraints have made such experiences challenging for many.

By continuing to offer high-caliber performances and fostering community spirit, RISE UP NYC not only entertains but also inspires hope and resilience in the face of adversity. It serves as a testament to New York City’s enduring love for music and its unwavering commitment to cultural enrichment.

Join us for the next season of RISE UP NYC and be a part of a musical journey that celebrates the rhythm, harmony, and vibrancy of the greatest city in the world!